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My 57th birthday and I’m actually 1 Year younger! That’s because I’ve been telling everyone that I’m turning 58 – a bonus year. 😁

Slept in lateish- 8.30am. More rain in the Mosel valley today so we went for a nice drive to Trier and then back to the Mosel further north at Ürzig.

Then headed home via a few more wineries and another 7 bottles of wine – not drunk, but purchased to take home.

No vines to be had at the local garden centre so we will find them elsewhere as we really would like to plant a Riesling vine at home.

Popped in to see Kajo at his winery in Trittenheim and I gave him the hat I crocheted for him. He loves it, and especially that it has his name on it.

Mark enjoyed a little glass of 1993 Riesling Edelsüß with Kajo before we went off and had a lovely birthday dinner at Pinocchio restaurant in Trittenheim; fresh salad with Saltimbocca. Mark enjoyed my chips – no chips on keto!

Finally ended our day with a little more walnut gathering.

It was almost the great Walnut War of 2019 but my diplomatic husband came into his own when a dodgy looking German bloke came over to tell us they were his and we were stealing off his land and the walnuts we had cost at least €10. Hubby did his diplomat great grandfather proud by apologising and telling him he could have them back, but as soon as he went to tip them into his car the man changed his mind – so he went off annoyed that he hadn’t managed to con an English tourist and we went back home happy with another bucket of walnuts.

Crisis averted….. perhaps he was just really angry about Brexit.

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It has been a few weeks since this event, but it was a fabulous time of praise at The Edge Arena in Wigan and Today’s Community Church.
Our new Arena was amazing and we are so blessed to have this new facility to share with our community.
Well done everyone who gave so generously from our church community to make this a reality.

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Hubby toasting to the first ever glass of wine sold in Postcode coffeehouse at The Edge, Wigan.
We were attending the premier of the musical Beyond Wigan Pier and it seemed appropriate to begin the evening with a glass of red.
Typically the South African gets the first glass :-).

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The Lake District in Cumbria is a special place, much of it a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and home of the remarkable herdwick sheep, Wordsworth, Fletcher Christian and many other famous and infamous characters. There are countless breathtaking drives, walking routes and properties, one of which is Hardknott Roman fort on the perilously steep and sinuous Roman road that traversed, more or less, what is now the Hardknott and Wrynose passes. My late friend and spiritual mentor, Dave, loved the Lake District and on one of our first trips to the area together in circa 2007, I recall traipsing up the hill to the fort trying unsuccessfully to shield myself from the driving, horizontal rain,our wives having decided that we were on our own, Dave looked as unfazed as if it were a a summers day (in Northern England it probably was): what wonderful memories.

Today the wife and I returned to Wrynose Pass and the Roman fort. Who would have guessed, it was raining, but with infinitely less ferocity though. The fort is still there, and will be in another two millennia but sadly my best friend is not; here’s to you Dave, I know you are at peace with our creator in a place so amazing, it eclipses even the staggeringly beautiful Lake District you loved so much. 

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I needed to be up at The Pier Centre today and The Street proved to be the perfect spot for three noisy grandchildren to let off a bit of steam….

20140603-110956 am-40196541.jpg

20140603-110958 am-40198648.jpg

20140603-110957 am-40197558.jpg
…and perfect for the littlest to practice her new walking skills too!

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Why do you think it got the name coffee table rather than tea table which was much more popular a drink back in the day? Here down at Cedar Farm in Mawdesley, Lancashire is an amazing coffee shop – Roberts & Cohttp://www.e-coffee.co.uk/ and they have an actual coffee table…

If you are ever in this part of the world I can HIGHLY recommend a visit here; they roast coffee beans on site and it is wonderful; and a good coffee is definitely worth travelling for!

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…. to see a very special little boy on a very special day!  Our grandson turns one tomorrow and we did not want to miss such an auspicious occasion so decided to get up really early and drive to London, spend the day and come back in the evening.  Mission accomplished!  We left at 4.15am, arrived at 9.30am after stopping for a coffee and a baby break (the newest grandchild is only 8 weeks old and rather demanding on the food front!), had present opening time whilst enjoying a cuppa, went off to St Albans waffle house (AWESOME!!!), ate FAR too much including three cups of coffee, left St Albans at 3.15 and arrived safely back in a sunny Lancashire at 7.15.  Not a bad days work really; and if you ever find yourself in Verulamium, I can highly recommend the Waffle House at the old mill.

I am now sitting with feet up, on my bed having a much deserved rest after a lovely day with the family – special times! 🙂

Happy Birthday to You!

Happy Birthday to You!

Happy Birthday dear Barnaby!

Happy (first) Birthday to You!

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It is wonderful to receive something nice that you are not expecting. Yesterday we went out for a Friday morning breakfast before doing some serious fabric shopping – after all we need our strength to maintain our stamina!
Frankie & Benny’s offer an amazing breakfast menu all for £5, in a lovely atmosphere – altogether a great start to the day.
When our bill arrived we were told that it was their charity Friday and our breakfast was free and we have the option to donate any amount of our actual bill value to the charities they support. This happens every third Friday of the month and I can definitely recommend it to one and all – great food, great company and a great cause!


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I am torn! Today is quilting and sewing day but Spring has EVENTUALLY sprung in Lancashire! Not a cloud in the sky and I am desperate to go out with Hubby. We had promised ourselves that the next weekend that was nice we would go out for the day and leave the restoration to wait another day.
As luck would have it, it is today and I have the girls over for sewing which I love as well – not fair!!
Oh well, we have agreed a compromise and will head off to Snugbury’s icecream farm immediately we are done at 12.30 – that is of course if the weather holds out because we have ridiculously temperamental weather in the north west.
Ooh! Sewing and Snugbury’s in one day – Heavenly!


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We had such a great day out at the Listed Property Show in London’s Olympia exhibition centre.

Started off with a great cuppa in Kensington –


Attended a few very interesting talks – although when we arrived and I looked through the lectures and suggested to our son that we go to the one about Paints and your Listed Property he was rather derogatory. In his words, “Mom, there is a reason for the saying ‘watching paint dry’ and that’s because watching paint dry is BORING and now you want me to listen to a lecture on it?”

Sorry son, but your mother finds all things relating to power tools, DIY, architecture and old buildings extremely exciting – some may say it is sad, but there are far worse things I could spend my time and money on.


We picked up some great tips on how to prevent damp in an old property using french drains, lime wash and lime paints.  Got some good contacts for repairs to the many, many sash windows that are looking a little worse for wear and ended it all off with a lovely visit to Pizza Express before heading the 220 miles home with enough paperwork and brochures to keep even me busy for a few weeks with research.

Happy lady now tucked up in bed for a well deserved rest.

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