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My 57th birthday and I’m actually 1 Year younger! That’s because I’ve been telling everyone that I’m turning 58 – a bonus year. 😁

Slept in lateish- 8.30am. More rain in the Mosel valley today so we went for a nice drive to Trier and then back to the Mosel further north at Ürzig.

Then headed home via a few more wineries and another 7 bottles of wine – not drunk, but purchased to take home.

No vines to be had at the local garden centre so we will find them elsewhere as we really would like to plant a Riesling vine at home.

Popped in to see Kajo at his winery in Trittenheim and I gave him the hat I crocheted for him. He loves it, and especially that it has his name on it.

Mark enjoyed a little glass of 1993 Riesling Edelsüß with Kajo before we went off and had a lovely birthday dinner at Pinocchio restaurant in Trittenheim; fresh salad with Saltimbocca. Mark enjoyed my chips – no chips on keto!

Finally ended our day with a little more walnut gathering.

It was almost the great Walnut War of 2019 but my diplomatic husband came into his own when a dodgy looking German bloke came over to tell us they were his and we were stealing off his land and the walnuts we had cost at least €10. Hubby did his diplomat great grandfather proud by apologising and telling him he could have them back, but as soon as he went to tip them into his car the man changed his mind – so he went off annoyed that he hadn’t managed to con an English tourist and we went back home happy with another bucket of walnuts.

Crisis averted….. perhaps he was just really angry about Brexit.

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