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It has been a few weeks since this event, but it was a fabulous time of praise at The Edge Arena in Wigan and Today’s Community Church.
Our new Arena was amazing and we are so blessed to have this new facility to share with our community.
Well done everyone who gave so generously from our church community to make this a reality.

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I had an appointment last night – at least that is what my iPhone, iPad, work laptop, home PC and home laptop all told me this morning. The only problem was that it only said “Meet in Koko at 7pm” and not who it was with!!! I can only assume I got distracted part way through creating the appointment. So in a desperate attempt to figure out who it was, I sent a text message to about ten friends I figured it may have been. Most replied to the negative and with a great deal of hilarity and I never discovered the identity of my mystery companion. To be safe and not let them down, I went anyway – and took my large son with as security. Not necessarily needed because it was at our church coffee shop at www.tcclife.comToday’s Community Church in Wigan, but in case I was stood up I at least had a companion.
Your loss was my gain because I got to enjoy a wonderful frappe with my lovely boy and the rest of Koko had a great laugh with me!

Own up whoever you are and I will treat you to a drink some other time.

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