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Wheelchair user review of Bluestone resort…..

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My daughter makes the most incredible macarons and I was the recipient of a beautiful batch of lemon flavours for Mothers day recently.  Well, all good things must come to an end and today I am partaking of my final macaron and a lovely latte – mmmm!!  This is what holidays are all about, great food and spending quality time with my family – I am truly blessed.


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Is it just me and my need to over organise everything or do you find yourself exhausted with preparations for your holidays?
We are off to sunny South Africa for a few weeks and seriously, the things one has to do before departure make you really appreciate the time away.
Yesterday was the final mad dash to get hair done (a task I dread and avoid all year) and finalise the money and household. Then there is the not insubstantial job of convincing the airlines we need my wheelchair and it cannot collapse – so don’t even try it!
Anyway, all is done and dusted and the taxi arrives at 3am – what?

Now dear reader, this is where we take a minor detour to my other blog which is where all my travel adventures are recorded for your amusement. So come along to mnel.wordpress.com.or follow the link on the right to Bundu Bashing and other Wheelchair Adventures and follow us as we take a tour around the highways and byways of the dark continent.

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It may have seemed like ages since I last wrote anything, but believe me it has gone by in a flash for us.  It was an incredibly hectic run up to Christmas and New Year and all hands were required to seal up the house, install windows, gutters, woodburning stoves and then install a kitchen before the family and friends arrived to help us celebrate this special time of year and our first really BIG sleepover and entertaining since we moved in.  It was manic, it was fraught and we were sick as dogs but plough on we did and the harvest was indeed sweet – a few days break and NO DIY.

So here’s raising a glass to you and your loved ones – Happy New Year and many tasty bites from the big apple.


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