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This is a sad and poignant story of a little girl that I love beyond measure, and how Covid-19 and this pandemic affects her.

It’s been a rather challenging year for everyone, but sometimes we don’t realise just how much the little ones are affected. Today it was highlighted in the most heartbreaking way….I received a video call….it was MissM, our granddaughter, 7 years old.

MissM had huge sad, puffy eyes and was looking very timid – nothing like her true personality. I knew immediately something was not right. Her mommy whispered gently in her ear “Tell Ouma the truth, what’s the matter.”

Miss M glanced shyly at the camera with big, shiny wet eyes and whispered “Ouma, I miss you so much.” The heartache in that one little sentence clutched at my heart and squeezed tight until it felt like breaking and my lungs were gasping for air. I wanted her to understand that it was okay to feel sad sometimes so I told her that it was a horrid situation out of our control and her grief was loudly and clearly heard and understood.

I explained to her that we live under the same sky and the same sun and moon and if she simply looked up she would know I was there too and thinking and loving her. She was so subdued. She was still sad but seeing me had helped just a tiny bit. We promised to go round after school and see her from our car while she sat on the front doorstep – unable to hug or kiss – but still able to love one another from a distance.

I told her a little story to calm her and she smiled a tiny, timid smile and said goodbye….she needed to get dressed for school.

My daughter later recounted how she had found MissM curled up in a ball amongst all her toys – under the bed! I can only imagine how her heart had broken at the sight and sound of her daughters distress. This is not the best way to start the day, but as a parent we have a responsibility to ensure our children are sent off for the day in the best possible way to help them cope with the stresses of the current real-world situation.

All of this got me thinking about how I could help her when we couldn’t be together. Being of a crafty disposition, I decided on a bracelet. Two actually. One for her to wear when she was missing me and one for me to wear at the same time.

I made us matching crochet bracelets which I will wear all day so that it is 100% infused with my love and care for her. When we see her this afternoon, she can take one and I will keep the other. I really hope that in the smallest of ways, this little heart will bring her a bit of comfort in her moments of grief….and for me, it will remind me never to forget that a child feels just as deeply as we do; they may not always show it, but sometimes, just sometimes, it all comes tumbling out.

From Ouma to Mara

with all my love.

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