Lockdown needn’t always be boring!

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There is a song that keeps playing in my head; you may remember it from singing it to your children….

🎼 Chick chick chick chick chicken lay a little egg for me,

chick chick chick chick chicken I want one for my tea,

I haven’t had one since Easter and now it’s half past three,

oh, chick chick chick chicken lay a little egg for me.

The reason for the musical roundabout in my brain is because I am beyond excited because finally after 15 years we have some chickens!

Hubby is the busiest and hardest working person I know, and understandably didn’t want yet another thing to occupy his time. So we agreed to wait for a while; then the coronavirus happened followed by a lockdown and a lot of people clearly panic buying just anything and everything including eggs. So after six shopping trips and one online delivery…

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Wheelchair user review of Bluestone resort…..

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My 57th birthday and I’m actually 1 Year younger! That’s because I’ve been telling everyone that I’m turning 58 – a bonus year. 😁

Slept in lateish- 8.30am. More rain in the Mosel valley today so we went for a nice drive to Trier and then back to the Mosel further north at Ürzig.

Then headed home via a few more wineries and another 7 bottles of wine – not drunk, but purchased to take home.

No vines to be had at the local garden centre so we will find them elsewhere as we really would like to plant a Riesling vine at home.

Popped in to see Kajo at his winery in Trittenheim and I gave him the hat I crocheted for him. He loves it, and especially that it has his name on it.

Mark enjoyed a little glass of 1993 Riesling Edelsüß with Kajo before we went off and had a lovely birthday dinner at Pinocchio restaurant in Trittenheim; fresh salad with Saltimbocca. Mark enjoyed my chips – no chips on keto!

Finally ended our day with a little more walnut gathering.

It was almost the great Walnut War of 2019 but my diplomatic husband came into his own when a dodgy looking German bloke came over to tell us they were his and we were stealing off his land and the walnuts we had cost at least €10. Hubby did his diplomat great grandfather proud by apologising and telling him he could have them back, but as soon as he went to tip them into his car the man changed his mind – so he went off annoyed that he hadn’t managed to con an English tourist and we went back home happy with another bucket of walnuts.

Crisis averted….. perhaps he was just really angry about Brexit.

It has been a few weeks since this event, but it was a fabulous time of praise at The Edge Arena in Wigan and Today’s Community Church.
Our new Arena was amazing and we are so blessed to have this new facility to share with our community.
Well done everyone who gave so generously from our church community to make this a reality.

I’ve just switched both our mortgage accounts online in less than 1/2 an hour without leaving my bed.
Better rates and a bit of extra cash in our pockets to make up for the new 12% tax on our home insurance!
The £22 monthly saving on the mortgage just covers the added cost onto our insurance.
I despise insurance and these hidden taxes as much as I love internet banking 😡
As a listed property owner we get 0(zero) assistance to maintain our countries heritage, but now we have to also pay more for tax on our home insurance – I think it’s a disgrace!
On the plus side, at least I’m not out of pocket for this year.

Hubby toasting to the first ever glass of wine sold in Postcode coffeehouse at The Edge, Wigan.
We were attending the premier of the musical Beyond Wigan Pier and it seemed appropriate to begin the evening with a glass of red.
Typically the South African gets the first glass :-).

Doesn’t everyone’s neighbour have one propped up in their front garden? 😂.
Now, there is being prepared and there is being prepared! #suburbanengland #strangethingsyouseeinthesuburbs #coffininthegarden

Early morning family conversations. What a blessing to have a beautiful family that chat to each other every day on our WhatsApp group. Today our son started off a conversation about Welsh Eisteddfodd’s because he has just realised that they are Welsh in origin (he now lives in Wales) and we used to participate in them every year in South Africa….and so conversations go, that it meandered to ancestors who are Welsh.

Violet Beck

This beautiful picture is of my hubby’s great grandmother Violet who married his great grandfather Max Emanuel Stollreither, daughter of John and Emma Beck.

So we have a son who has moved back to a country where his great great grandmother is from.

How wonderful to have photos of the family from the 1800s to look back on and remember our past.

Who else has old photos they love to pull out every now and again?

#familyhistory #familyancestry #familyphotographs #1800sphotographs #welshfamilyancestry

What a debut she made at @tcclife yesterday!
Some people are blessed with gifts to help others, some to create, and some to inspire but this lovely lady @_chevon_t has such a beautiful spirit of wisdom and her words are a blessing to us.
Thank you so much for your teaching yesterday. We are truly blessed to have you in our lives. #wiganchurch #thisishowwedochurch #blessedtobeablessing

Shame on you Amazon….

Shame on you Amazon – all my efforts at saving our plant with reusable wraps and bags and….. then you mess it up by sending me a thimble in a box like this! To make it worse, I received another thimble In a similar sized box yesterday.

I can recycle it, but seriously we should be reducing use and therefore manufacturing – so irresponsible!

@amazon #wp #sewityourself #irresponsiblepackaging

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