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I’ve just switched both our mortgage accounts online in less than 1/2 an hour without leaving my bed.
Better rates and a bit of extra cash in our pockets to make up for the new 12% tax on our home insurance!
The £22 monthly saving on the mortgage just covers the added cost onto our insurance.
I despise insurance and these hidden taxes as much as I love internet banking 😡
As a listed property owner we get 0(zero) assistance to maintain our countries heritage, but now we have to also pay more for tax on our home insurance – I think it’s a disgrace!
On the plus side, at least I’m not out of pocket for this year.

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Doesn’t everyone’s neighbour have one propped up in their front garden? 😂.
Now, there is being prepared and there is being prepared! #suburbanengland #strangethingsyouseeinthesuburbs #coffininthegarden

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What a debut she made at @tcclife yesterday!
Some people are blessed with gifts to help others, some to create, and some to inspire but this lovely lady @_chevon_t has such a beautiful spirit of wisdom and her words are a blessing to us.
Thank you so much for your teaching yesterday. We are truly blessed to have you in our lives. #wiganchurch #thisishowwedochurch #blessedtobeablessing

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Shame on you Amazon – all my efforts at saving our plant with reusable wraps and bags and….. then you mess it up by sending me a thimble in a box like this! To make it worse, I received another thimble In a similar sized box yesterday.

I can recycle it, but seriously we should be reducing use and therefore manufacturing – so irresponsible!

@amazon #wp #sewityourself #irresponsiblepackaging

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this funny, beautiful, loving and general all round nutter of a daughter. May your day be filled with fun, love, laughter and every delight. We are so honoured that you joined our family. God bless xxx ❤️😘🍻🍾🎊🎉🎉
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Break out, Break free, Be brave.
Whether we’ve forgotten, misplaced or lost our sense of wonder and adventure, Let us become like Ethan with an invisible sword fighting off an invisible foe, Reclaim your spirit of child-like adventure and raise your sword against the enemy, and His shield as our protection, We CAN do all things through Him who gives us strength, Allow a new adventure to begin, And be amazed at what can be achieved. @tcclife #bebrave #betheadventure @tcclife.com
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Bees are our friend; 

We keep bees in our back yard;

Foreign species and disease are trying to kill our bees – not just ours personally, but the UK in general;

Something has to be done to help; 

Enter “swissarmywife” with her plan and her trap. 

According to all the information provided by Defra, Beebase and the BBKA, all bee keepers need to be extremely vigilant so that the Asian hornet does not get a foothold in The UK. It is already causing massive hive losses in Europe and the first ones were spotted in the South late last year. 

Advise from all of them is to build an Asian hornet trap / observation unit, but I prefer the trap ’em and kill ’em approach because we are SUPER protective of our girls – and the odd boy! 

A quick DIY / handmade project for today using a fizzy drinks bottle, tape and a bit of garden wire. 

A bit of snipping, some twisting of wire, a few holes and some tape and we have a trap…..

The idea is that the bait attracts them through the downturned neck of the bottle. They enter through a hole drilled in the lid and can’t get back out. The bottle on top is to keep out a bit of the British weather and the sieve/drilled disk near the base prevents them getting to the bait but smaller insects can escape through a few holes below the mesh. 

For my bait I opted for some red wine and honey mixed together – I reckon that if it’s good enough for the Hornets in France where they have the same problem, then that’s good enough for me – and after all it is worth sacrificing good Hesketh Arms Winery red for our bees. You can use all sorts of things to lure the hornets including meat and prawns, but considering that  going near a prawn may kill me I decided to not risk it – or the stench after a few days! 

Out to the garden and I have hung the trap near, but not too near the beehive. The idea is to trap any queens that survived winter  before she can begin to reproduce in Spring…..

Anyone can do this to help our bees, even if you aren’t a beekeeper. If you trap anything that looks like the enemy, please contact Defra or the BBKA immediately as they will investigate and send out their hit squad to find and destroy any hives they find. 

I joke, but it really is that serious so please help our bees against this nasty foreigner….

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